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美音动画片 Team Umizoomi 数数城小兄妹 (数学城小兄妹) 1-2季(共39集)

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本资源是Team Umizoomi 数数城小兄妹,又名数学城小兄妹。是Nick Jr.制作的一套儿童动画片。采用二维、三维电脑动画,辅以真人效果,将图案、数字和形状的知识融入动画,帮助幼儿用数学方法解决日常生活问题。这部动画美国境内上映仅仅9个月便一跃成为最受欢迎的婴幼儿电视节目,并创造了同类节目中近3年来的最高收视。

Team Umizoomi的内容讲的是在一个数学无处不在的城市Umi City里,一对小兄妹Milli和Geo,还有他们的跟班机器人Bot,如何挑战各种各样的数学难题。这部电视动画片色彩感极强,适应学龄前儿童心理,故事情节针对父母和孩子做学前早期教育,趣味十足。制作团队是尼克著名节目Blue’s Clues的主力人马。

Team Umizoomi 数数城小兄妹一共3季,本处有1-2季的共39集,avi格式

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Team Umizoomi 数数城小兄妹内容目录及分集简介:

Season 1:

1 "The Kite Festival"
When a gust of wind scatters the pieces of Jeannie's kite, the team must search for the pieces to. This movie premiere is from The Lion King.

2 "The Aquarium Fix-It"
The team is called in to help fix a crack in the seahorse tank at the Umi City Aquarium.

3 "Carnival" 
The team must search the Umi City Carnival for Jake's lost stuffed animal.
4 "Picnic"
Milli, Geo and Bot must help their friend Anna find her missing lunchbox and thermos

before they head out for a picnic.
5 "Super Trip to the Supermarket" 
The team must go to the supermarket to collect the items for Tyler's favorite snack.
6 "Subway Heroes"

The team must help when Daniel's father is trapped on a broken subway train.

7 "The Milk Out"
When the farmer gets sick, the team must help fill Umi City's milk order.
8 "The Dinosaur Museum Mishap"
When a thunderstorm frightens the dinosaurs, the team must find them and return them to

the museum before the dinosaur show.

9 "The Rolling Toy Parade"
The team must find all the parts of Nick's lion toy before Umi City Park's rolling toy

10 "Special Delivery"
When Anthony forgets to put a stamp on a package for his grandmother, the team heads to the post office to make sure the package is delivered during "Just-Because-I-Love-You


11 "Ready for Take Off"
When Andy's plane is not able to take off, the team heads to the airport to help. 

12 "The Ice Cream Truck"
Geo and his friends must search for the missing ice cream truck and whip up icy treats before letting his friends know that the truck is back in business.

13 "The Wild West Toy Train Show"
The gang must help Ethan after the wind blows away his ticket to the Wild West Toy Train show. 

14 "The Butterfly Dance Show"
The gang must help Sophia fix her butterfly costume in time for the Butterfly Dance show.

15 "The Elephant Sprinkler" 
The team helps Kayla so she can play in the elephant sprinkler on a very hot day. 

16 "Playground Heroes"
The gang helps to fix the playground so Mya and her friends can play. 

17 "To the Library"
The gang helps to find a lost library book so that Oliva could read to her grandpa. 

18 "Favorite Things Show"
The team must help Emily find her shells in time for the favorite things show.

19 "The Big Boat Race" 
The team must help Sonya fix her boat in time for the boat race. 

Season 2
20 1 "Race Around Umi City"
UmiCar enters a race. 

21 2 "Chicks in the City" 
Team Umizoomi has to rescue six baby chicks who escaped the classroom. 

22 3 "The Ghost Family Costume Party"
The team must find their way to the Ghost Family Costume Party. 

23 4 "Santa's Little Fixers"
Team Umizoomi must must fix Santa's toy machine in time for Christmas. 

24 5 "The Great UmiCar Rescue"
UmiCar gets stuck on an iceberg after rescuing a penguin. 

25 6 "Purple Monkey Mission"
When a purple monkey winds up in the wrong exhibit at the Umi City zoo, Milli, Geo and
Bot must find the right home for him. 

26 7 "Day at the Museum"
Ellen loses her three tokens for the rocket ride, and looks to Team Umizoomi for help. 

27 8 "Super Soap!"
Silly Bear gets stuck in a messy situation, and only a Super Soap can help! 

28 9 "Counting Comet"
A baby comet who likes to count hurts himself when he falls to Earth. 

29 10 "Crazy Skates"
Bot goes out of control when wearing roller skates. 

30 11 "Milli Saves the Day"
When Geo and Bot get stuck in honey, only Milli can rescue them. 

31 12 "Umi Fire Truck"
UmiCar becomes a fire truck. 

32 13 "Ellee the Elephant"
Team Umizoomi meets an elephant named Ellee, who got lost while going to the circus. 

33 14 "Umi Egg Hunt"
The team goes down a hole to find an egg for the Umi Egg Hunt. 

34 15 "The Legend of the Blue Mermaid"
Team Umizoomi tries to save The Blue Mermaid from Squiddy the Squid. Special Guest Star: "American Idol" winner and R&B singer Jordin Sparks voices the 
character of the Blue Mermaid. 

35 16 "Shark Car"
Milli, Geo and Bot work together to bring the Shark Car back to Jose after his bag has 
a hole at the bottom after he arrives on the ferry. 

36 17 "King of Numbers!"
Milli, Geo, and Bot are going to see the King of Numbers, who loves numbers more than 
anyone else in the world. But Zilch the Wizard traps the King of Numbers in his castle and hides the three keys needed to release the King. Will the team find the 3 keys and free the King of Numbers?

Note: This episode aired as an hour-long special, and was later released on DVD with the alternate title "Journey to Numberland".

37 18 "Umi Toy Store"
Milli, Geo, and Bot are meeting their friend Colin at the Umi City Toy Store, who wants 
to buy a puppy toy for 18 Umi cents. But he loses his coins! 

38 19 "Buster the Lost Dog"
Team Umizoomi's friend Anna has lost her adorable dog Buster. It's up to Team Umizoomi 
to search for Buster and reunite him with Anna. 

39 20 "Cuckoo Bears"
The beloved Cuckoo Bears of Umi City have lost all three of their gears! Can Team 
Umizoomi collect the gears in time to save the Cuckoo Bears' next performance? 


Season 3:  
40 1 "The Incredible Presto"
After bungling one of his magic tricks, the Incredible Presto gets himself trapped in a 
giant watermelon! Milli, Geo, and Bot use Presto's magic wand on their journey to save the beloved magician in time for his magic show. 

41 2 "Stompasaurus"
Milli, Geo and Bot collect Stompasaurus pieces and return them to their friend Wyatt. 

42 3 "Job Well Done!"
Milli, Geo and Bot get jobs around Umi City and earn enough money to buy a bike for 
their friend David. 

43 4 "Rainy Day Rescue"
Milli, Geo and Bot must rescue a group of baby birds when their nest is washed out a 
tree by rainwater. 

44 5 "Team Umizoomi vs. The Shape Bandit"
Shapes all around Umi City are being stolen by the notorious Shape Bandit. When the 
Shape Bandit steals Geo's Shape Belt, Team Umizoomi must retrieve the belt and return all the stolen shapes back to Umi City. 

45 6 "Shooting Star"
Team Umizoomi is spending the day at Umi City Ranch. Shooting Star is the smallest 
horse on the ranch - too small to pull a bale of hay. The team volunteers to seek out the four magic horseshoes that will help Shooting Star grow. 

46 7 "Presto's Magic House"
When Presto the Magician accidentally puts his wand in the washing machine, magic 
bubbles fill the laundry room, and Presto gets trapped inside a magic bubble. Team Umizoomi will have to recognize numbers, count and measure in order to get through Presto’s wacky house and rescue him. 

47 8 "DoorMouse in Space"
After DoorMouse is accidentally launched into space, it's up to Team Umizoomi to travel 
through the galaxy in order to return their friend back to Earth. 

48 9 "Boardwalk Games" 
The team is spending the day on the boardwalk, where they'll need to use their mighty 
math powers to win an exciting prize! 

49 10 "The Umi Games"
The team visits the Umi Games with sport robots, why the team needs to win the Sports