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Fantastic Phonics的60本Decodable books(phonics自然拼读解码读物)下载

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        Fantastic Phonics 60本decodable books,是对应Phonics自然拼读教材中所教的Phonics拼读规律来编写的训练孩子拼读能力的简易读物。内容简单易懂还带阅读理解,全黑白打印出来还可以涂色。这60本decodable books分成三个section,每个section里面有20本书。


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Fantastic Phonics program is a complete Phonics reading program - 60 books - that will take your children from the first steps through to competent reading.

The Books are firmly based on 30 years of research. This research shows that Phonics is undoubtedly the most successful approach, because it's a systematic approach with rules that children can learn and apply.

Series One (20 storybooks) covers the basic Phonic sounds. Each story illustrates how letter combinations make predictable sounds, and they teach children how to "decode" common words using Phonics.

Series Two (20 storybooks) extends the child's reading knowledge, with more complex Phonic decoding, double syllable words, punctuation and the introduction of spelling variations (eg, pie, high, sky).

Series Three (20 storybooks) extends your child into increasingly challenging words and sentence structure. Multi-syllable words are introduced, and sight words are increasingly introduced. Children are taught how different spellings can create the same sound ( blew, blue, too, shoe, you) - and the same spelling can create different sounds ("ou" in you, tough, though).


Fantastic Phonics的60本Decodable books  目录如下:

Section  1
Cat On the Mat
Dan and a Van
The Lad
Dan and his Cap
The Pet in a Jet
The Hen in a Pen
Pip the Pup
The Kid and a Pig
The Tin Bin
The Dog in the Well
Will is Ill
Pop and his Pot 
Hog and the Dog
A Bug in the Mud
Pets are Fun
Jay can Play
Dan and the Bee
The Fox in the Box
Joe had to Mow
Tom Sows his Seeds
Section 2
I Want a Pie
Pa and his Car
Ma Darns her Sock
The Fly and the Bee
Make a Mud Cake
On my Roof
We all Play Ball
A Fish to Cook
The Song
I Want a Wand
My Sister
A Pup in the Straw
I Saw a Witch
The Funny Farm
A Mole in the Hole
A Piglet in my Pocket
Bet and her Kitten
I Saw Two Mice
The Clown
From My Cupboard
Section 3
The Pirates
A Ride on a Steam Train
Fly My Kite
I Knew a Boy
We Went to the River
The Train on the Plain
Harrison's Goal
A Dance in France
The Goat and the Toad
The Roar of the Boar
My New Hammer
A Christmas Wish
At the Beach
My Chicken Pox
We Went for a Sail
My Baby Bird
Off to Camp
Our Secret Cave
A Day at the Zoo
The Castle

下面是A Bug in the Mud的截图,从标题来看,这本Phonics自然拼读的decodable读物是用来帮助孩子巩固所学的u短音的。这个音不断重复,在不同单词中出现,可以培养孩子拼读的能力。