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Reading A-Z(RAZ)的Decodable Books( Phonics对应的decodable读物)

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         Reading A-Z缩写就是RAZ,许多家长对RAZ这个缩写比较熟悉。RAZ网站是网站提供上千本可供孩子学习阅读之用的分级读物,分成a to z 26个级别。

        这套书是RAZ的decodable读物,是用来帮孩子学习阅读的小书, 可以自行打印出来。在孩子学phonics 的同时,配合使用这套教材,让孩子掌握phonics的规律,以提高decode的水平。单词不是按难度编排(基本没难度),而是按拼读规则和高频度单词来安排的。目的不是让孩子学知识学单词,而是学拼读(reading 的第一阶段)。让孩子在反复不断的练习中掌握decode 的规律。

Reading A-Z(RAZ)的Decodable Books( Phonics对应的decodable读物)百度网盘下载地址:


        RAZ的decodable读物也和前面的Early-reading的60本decodable books一样,是为了巩固孩子所学的Phonics自然拼读拼音规则而编写的。也是黑白的,适合打印。在孩子学完某个Phonics拼读规律后找出相应的decodable读物,让孩子尝试拼读,从而慢慢习得Phonics拼读规律,渐渐只要见到符合Phonics拼读规律的词都能拼读出来,这就是decodable读物被编写出来的初衷。

       RAZ的decodable读物和Early-reading的60本decodable books可以同时使用,在没有充分英语语境的环境下学英语,就需要多阅读,对 Phonics自然拼读也需要在学习拼读规律后多阅读decodable读物来巩固。


03 Nan and Pap
04 A Nap and a Map
05 Sam and the Sap
06 A Tap and a Pat
07 The Tot and the Pot
08 Don and Dots
09 Dan the Tan Man
10 Get the Pets
11 Hot at the Dam
12 I Can Hop
13 A Fat Hat
14 Get the Gag
15 Ten Pets
16 Did it Fit
17 Big Bad Bat
18 The Pin with a Tin Fin
19 The Fat Cat
20 Red Hen and Rod Rat
21 The Mutt and the Bug
22 My Pug Has Fun
23 Lil, Sal, and Bill
24 Win a Wig
25 Nat's Cat
26 Jig, Jag, and Jog
27 Kit and Kim are Kin
28 Bub and the Nut
29 Vin and Val
30 Yum, Yum Yams
31 Jill and Gill
32 Are You a Quitter
33 Have You Seen a Fox
34 The Zim-Zam Man
35 Bob and Nell
36 Swiss Fun Run
37 Fran and the Prom Dress
38 The Spy Club
39 Grand Slam Tennis
40 Lost in the Dump
41 The Robin
42 Snake and Ape
43 Rose's Birthday
44 The Nice Mice
45 No More Sad Tunes
46 Shelly's Shell Shop
47 Chip the Chimp
48 Click, Cluck, and Quack
49 The King Lost His Ring
50 Thad and Thelma
51 Whisker Bill
52 JoJo's Yo-Yo
53 The Bee and the Flea
54 Bread for Breakfast
56 Jake and Gail Go to Spain
57 Joan's Goats and Moe's Crows
58 The Kind Knight
59 Snoop the Crime Dog
60 A Good Day for Fishing
62 A Crow with Flaws
63 Toys for Boys
64 The Clown Who Lost Her Smile
65 The Roaring Storm
66 The Mare and the Hare
67 Clare's Sharp Car
68 Curls that Swirl
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